The upcoming events

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What Forum Agenti Virtual are?
They are Events for the Online Research of Commercial Agents.
The goal is to make you virtuallymeet” your future Commercial Agents.

How Forum Agenti Virtual work?
Exactly like a traditional Event.
The difference is that the first Selection interview takes place by Video Conference.
Then, according to the current regulations, you will meet each other in person.

Forum Agenti Virtual from A to Z
A) The Company signs up to the Virtual Forum.
B) Our Staff contacts the Company.
C) Together we prepare all the material (Logos, Announcements etc).
D) The Virtual Stand is made visible.
E) Forum Agenti starts informing the Agents.
F) The Agents start Visiting the Virtual Stands.
G) The interested Agents ask for a Video Interview.
H) Our Team forwards the requests directly to the Company.
I) The Company recall the Agents in order to fix the Video Interview.
L) During the days of the Forum the Video Interview takes place.
Z) If they like each other, Sales & Commissions begin!

Book now your Virtual Space for the Event of your interest.
In order to know the other dates or for any other information please contact our sales offices .

The concluded events
Virtual, Thursday 24 June 2021 > Forum Agenti Virtual Italia
Digital, Tuesday 25 May 2021 > Slovenia Food Digital Meeting
Virtual, Thursday 6 May 2021 > Forum Agenti Virtual Italia
Virtual, Thursday 25 February 2021 > Forum Agenti Virtual Italia
Virtual, Wednesday 21 October 2020 > Forum Agenti Virtual Italia
Virtual, Wednesday 8 July 2020 > Forum Agenti Virtual Italia