The upcoming events
, Venerdì 25 Gennaio 2019 > Forum Agenti Puglia
Roma, Venerdì 22 Febbraio 2019 > Forum Agenti Lazio
Firenze, Venerdì 22 Marzo 2019 > Forum Agenti Toscana
Treviso, Venerdì 19 Aprile 2019 > Forum Agenti Veneto
Milano, Venerdì 24 Maggio 2019 > Forum Agenti Lombardia
Bologna, Venerdì 7 Giugno 2019 > Forum Agenti Emilia Romagna
Cagliari, Venerdì 27 Settembre 2019 > Forum Agenti Sardegna
, Venerdì 11 Ottobre 2019 > Forum Agenti Piemonte
, Venerdì 25 Ottobre 2019 > Forum Agenti Sicilia
Caserta, Venerdì 8 Novembre 2019 > Forum Agenti Campania
Grottammare, Venerdì 13 Dicembre 2019 > Forum Agenti Marche

For more information, please contact us at the infoline: +39

Forum Agenti Regional Meetings: meet your Commercial Agents in the region where you need them
Forum Agenti planned a series of events throughout Italy to let Companies meet and recruit their new Commercial Agents, focusing on one region at a time.

Forum Agenti brings your Company in the region where you are looking for new Commercial Agents.

The Format of the Event
Each event lasts one day and consists of interviews aiming at recruiting commercial agents to build, reinforce or renew the company’s sales force.

From the Companies’ point of view: it is an exclusive event. Only 50 companies, from different market sectors, can participate at a time. They can handle the meetings and scheduled them in one single day, at the same location: this the best way to optimize the recruitment times of sales professionals.

Reserve your space for the event you're interested in. Discover all the meetings, contact our office.

From the Agents point of view: the participation is totally free.

To participate, request your meeting directly from the webiste and arrange your interview.

The concluded events:
Padova, Friday 2 February 2018 > Forum Agenti Veneto
Bologna, Friday 23 February 2018 > Forum Agenti Emilia Romagna
Bari, Friday 30 March 2018 > Forum Agenti Puglia
Torino, Friday 20 April 2018 > Forum Agenti Piemonte
Roma, Friday 25 May 2018 > Forum Agenti Lazio
Milano, Friday 22 June 2018 > Forum Agenti Lombardia
Firenze, Friday 6 July 2018 > Forum Agenti Toscana
Caserta, Friday 7 September 2018 > Forum Agenti Campania
Catania, Friday 28 September 2018 > Forum Agenti Sicilia
Cagliari, Venerdì 12 Ottobre 2018 > Forum Agenti Sardegna
Grottammare, Venerdì 14 Dicembre 2018 > Forum Agenti Marche