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The videos of the previous editions of Forum Agenti

The TV Spot making Commercial Agents meeting Companies

The TV campaign of Forum Agenti is just starting over: The Spot aims at making Commercial Agents meeting Companies: the next edition of the exhibition is in Fiera Milano Rho from 23 to 25 November 2017....Watch

What is Forum Agenti?

Forum Agenti is the unique International Fair dedicated to Job Interviews for Commercial Agents. During the event, the hundreds of exhibiting companies - willing to build, renew or reinforce their sales force - meet thousands of commercial agents from all market sectors, interested in being appointed by new principals....Watch

The TV Spot of Forum Agenti

The new TV Campaign of Forum Agenti has just started. Let's shortly analyze the Storyboard of the "Comic Spot" about the Fair of Agents' Search Job Interviews. The Owner of a Company is asking to himself which the best way to find his new Commercial Agents can be. The narrator's voice, along with a "helping hand", invites him to Forum Agenti, the Fair for the Recruitment......Watch

Forum Agenti Milan 2014

The numbers of the Milan Edition 2014: 7,536 Commercial Agents, Sales Representative Agencies & Distributors, 407 Exhibiting Companies 44 Foreign Exhibiting Companies Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland 727 Companies participating as Visitors, 12,500 Square Meters Exhibition Space, 3 Theatres 34 Seminars, Training Courses and Workshops 24 Speakers 7 Live Radio Programs (Radio 24) 482 Free Consulting (Legal, Social Security, Tax and International) ...Watch

Spot of Forum Agenti for Mediaset and Sky Channels

Agent321, the international organization taking care of connecting Principals with Commercial Agents from all over the World, brings on TV its brand Forum Agenti. The spot lasts 20 secs and goes on the air on the Mediaset Channels (Canale 5, Italia 1, R101, TGCom 24), Sky (Sky TG24 - Channel 100) and RAI (Rai Uno, Rai Tre and Rai News24). It invites Companies looking for Agents to participate in the Fair of Agents' Search....Watch

Forum Agenti Rome May 2014

The edition of Rome 2014 by the numbers: 1,703 Commercial Agents, Sales Representative Agencies & Distributors; 57 Exhibiting Companies; 274 Companies participating as Visitors; 1,900 Square Meters Exhibition Space; 2 Theaters; 18 Seminars, Training Courses and Workshops; 193 Free Consulting (Legal, Social Security and Tax). ...Watch

Forum Agenti Naples March 2014

The edition of Naples 2014 by the numbers. 2,910 Commercial Agents, Sales Representative Agencies & Distributors; 72 Exhibiting Companies; 203 Companies participating as Visitors; 2,800 Square Meters Exhibition Space; 2 Theaters; 13 Seminars, Training Courses and Workshops; 2 Live Radio Programs (Radio 24); 335 Free Consulting (Legal, Social Security and Tax)....Watch

Forum Agenti Milan November 2013

Would you like to discover how Forum Agenti really works? The highlights of the Milan edition can tell you about hundreds of Companies (not only Italian) and their concrete job opportunities for Commercial Agents coming from all Italy, looking for new challenges. Free Training and Consulting, Conferences, Sponsors, Media and much more…...Watch

Forum Agenti Rome May 2013

If you do not know what Forum Agenti is, the easiest way to find out is watching the video with the highlights of Forum Agenti Rome. Leading actors: European Companies aiming at selecting and recruiting Commercial Agents and Sales Representatives interested in representing their products in Italy. Beyond the Job Interviews… ...Watch

Forum Agenti Rome May 2013 Regional TV News - Rai 3 Channel

Rai 3, one of the most important italian TV channels, broadcasted a news report on Forum Agenti Rome May 2013....Watch

Forum Agenti Rome November 2011

If you would like to know how Forum Agenti was born, watch the video of the first edition of Forum Agenti Rome 2011. You will see where we started and how it was possible to “go the whole hog”. Above all, you will find out that, we never changed our formula during our path. That is why we really manage to connect Principals looking for Commercial Agents to Agents and Reps looking for new Commercial Job Offers. ...Watch

Forum Agenti Turin 2012 Regional TV News - Rai 3 Channel

Forum Agenti is not only the International Exhibition of Commercial Agents. It is also possible to participate in Forum Agenti during the most important Italian Trade Fairs like Restructura in 2012. It is a “fair in the fair” where Commercial Agents of the reference sector can benefit from free services such as job opportunities, training and consulting....Watch