Where Forum Agenti Mediterranean happened
When: From 23 to 23 September 2021
Where: Vittoria Parc Hotel - Aeroporto Karol Wojtyla Via Nazionale, 10/F - 70128 Bari

Forum Agenti Mediterranean September 2021
Took place from Thursday 23 to Thursday 23 September 2021 Forum Agenti Mediterranean September 2021.
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For more information, please contact us at the infoline +39 or by email. Thank you!

Sponsors and Partners of Forum Agenti Mediterranean

Companies that participated in Forum Agenti Mediterranean
2Cash s.r.l.
Annabella S.p.A.
C&P Certificazioni S.r.l.
Europa Factor S.p.A.
Fait S.r.l.
Gruppo Mazzini S.r.l.
Il Sole 24 ORE S.p.A.
Job Selection
Le Delizie del Grano di Lopedota Donatangelo
Maxim S.r.l.
Modulsnap S.r.l.
Simta S.p.A.