The TV Spot of Forum Agenti

The new TV Campaign of Forum Agenti has just started.
Let's shortly analyze the Storyboard of the "Comic Spot" about the Fair of Agents' Search Job Interviews.
The Owner of a Company is asking to himself which the best way to find his new Commercial Agents can be.
The narrator's voice, along with a "helping hand", invites him to Forum Agenti, the Fair for the Recruitment of Commercial Agents.
In the twinkling of an eye, the Owner is sitting in its Forum Agenti Stand and he is meeting Agents interested in selling his products.
The final invitation suggests to join the exhibition.
20 seconds animation, a pressing and convincing rhythm.
Companies, book your Stand in Forum Agenti: where you find your new Commercial Agents!

Credits spot
Creative Agency: Medianove S.r.l.
Creative Manager: Andrea Impiglia
Speaker’s voice: Simone Tuttobene