Where Slovenia Food Digital Meeting happened
When: From 25 May to 1 June 2021
Where: Online Platform Forum Agenti Video Call

Slovenia Food Digital Meeting May 2021
Took place [:fromTo2] Slovenia Food Digital Meeting May 2021.

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What Forum Agenti Virtual are?
They are Events for the Online Research of Commercial Agents.
The goal is to make you virtuallymeet” your future Commercial Agents.

How Forum Agenti Virtual work?
Exactly like a traditional Event.
The difference is that the first Selection interview takes place by Video Conference.
Then, according to the current regulations, you will meet each other in person.

Sponsors and Partners of Slovenia Food Digital Meeting
Legale AgentiRadio Agenti.ITSPIRIT Slovenia

Companies that participated in Slovenia Food Digital Meeting
Conditus D.o.o.
Don Don d.o.o.
KONAL, živilska industrija d.o.o.
Mlekarna Celeia d.o.o.
Mlin Katić d.o.o.
MLINOTEST Industria Alimentare S.p.A.
NUTRISSLIM, proizvodnja in distribucija živil, d.o.o.
Organa d.o.o.
Perger 1757 d.o.o.
Pivovarna Vizir d.o.o.
PROCONI proizvodnja pripravljenih jedi d.o.o.
Smodin d.o.o