Where Forum Agenti Piemonte happened
When: From 20 to 20 April 2018
Where: Aston Hotel via Mongreno, 23 - 10025 Pino Torinese TO

Forum Agenti Piemonte 2018 

The fourth edition of the Regional Events of Forum Agenti took part in Torino on Friday 20 April. During Forum Agenti Piemonte the Participating Companies interviewed the Commercial Agents who previously requested a meeting. 

Do you run a company? Are you interested in joining the next regional event aiming at recruiting commercial agents? Give a look at the program of the Regional Events.

Are you a commercial agent? Would like to discover all the sales job opportunities for your region? Request a meeting with the Company you're interested in.

Sponsors and Partners of Forum Agenti Piemonte
Soluzione AgentiRadio Agenti.IT

Companies that participated in Forum Agenti Piemonte
Axpo Italia S.p.A
Boreas S.r.l.
Caussade Semences Italia S.r.l.
Cerin S.p.A.
Cibra Pubblicità S.r.l.
Culligan Italiana S.p.A.
Di Blasi Industriale S.r.l.
Dynergy S.r.l.
E.S.A. Holding
Emcavi S.r.l.
Energia Italia S.r.l.
Etik S.r.l.
Euromotiva S.r.l.
Euronastro S.r.l.
Inalme S.r.l.
Job Selection
Merlino Pubblicità S.r.l.
Metalloy Italiana S.n.c.
MF Centralerisk S.p.A.
Mollificio Legnanese S.p.A.
Mondo Pulito di Monica Roxana Ungureanu
Nitty-Gritty S.r.l.
Paba S.r.l.
Palladio S.r.l.
Plastore S.r.l.
Smilingwave S.r.l.s.
Solar Energy Group S.p.A.
Vefim S.r.l.