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The 12th edition of the Fair of the Commercial Agents

5,693 Job interviews for Commercial Agents took place during Forum Agenti Milano
The 12th edition of Forum Agenti, the unique exhibition for Commercial Agents, ended up on Saturday 25 November 2017. It took place in Fiera Milano RHO and welcomed 3.155 Commercial Agents.The Recruiting Companies were 247, 42 of which Foreign Companies from Flanders Region - Belgium, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Swiss, Hungary, The Netherlands, USA. In addition, 18 foreign guests among Delegations, Chambers of Commerce and Government Organizations.The constant presence of foreign companies confirms the great appeal of the Italian market abroad.Besides the Sales Job Interviews (estimated to be 5.693, an average of 23 job interviews per company), a rich program of Conferences, Courses and Workshops made the exhibition more interesting and dynamic. As always, Agents could ask for Legal, Tax and Social Security Free Consulting.Finally, the brand-new CV Help Desk could support all those in need of an evaluation of their resume.Click here to read all statistics...Read more

Forum Agenti Milano 2017 starts today

A program packed with conferences, seminars, and workshops for commercial agents
Forum Agenti, the one and only Fair for Commercial Agents, Representatives, and Salesmen starts today. The twelfth edition takes place in Milan, at Fiera Milano Rho (Entrance Viale Porta Est, Pavilion 8). It will be open for visitors until 2.00 p.m. on Saturday 25 November.The hundreds of Companies participating as Exhibitors will be interviewing their possible new Commercial Agents during the three-day event. The program is packed with conferences, seminars, and workshops that let the event be an opportunity for training and professional development. Not to mention the possibility to stay updated on legal, tax, and social security themes. 59 activities are scheduled.A pool made of experts will be available to discuss all the aspects of the agency agreement. The complete program of conferences, seminars, and workshops is available here...Read more

Record of attendance in Forum Agenti Milano

3,516 Commercial Agents visited the Fair of the Sales Job Offers
(Rome, 30 November 2016) – On Saturday 26 of November 2016, the tenth edition of Forum Agenti, the Fair for the Recruitment of Commercial Agents, end successfully. The event took place at Fiera Milano Congressi and very important people joined the inauguration ceremony: The undersecretary of Labor and Social Policy Mr. Massimo Cassano and the President of Enasarco Foundation Mr. Gianroberto Costa officially opened the Exhibition.15,000 sq. m. of exhibition space welcomed 3,516 Commercial Agents, Representative Agencies and Distributors. They had the chance to meet and talk to 357 Principals looking for new, business partners; 45 of them were foreign companies coming from Belgium, Croatia, Germany, England, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunis, United States, and Hungary. 8,950 Job Interviews happened during the three Exhibition days. 59 Seminars, Training Courses and Workshops and 10 Presentations about Investment Opportunities in Foreign Countries happened in 5...Read more

SURVEY RESEARCH: Why do so many companies choose to look for commercial agents on Fair?

The survey requested by Forum Agenti explains the reasons why companies choose to look for their new commercial agents on Fair – meeting them face to face remains the best way to evaluate a new partner.
A preview of the partial results of the survey made by the Study Center of Agent321 was published while the upcoming edition of Milan of Forum Agenti, the Fair of the Job Interviews with Commercial Agents (24 -26 November 2016 at Fiera Milano Congressi) gets closer. The survey involved a sample of 1,000 principals that decided to join Forum Agenti.The goal of the survey is analyzing the reasons why Companies chose to participate with their own Stand in Forum Agenti. The question was “Why did you decide to participate in a Fair to recruit Commercial Agents?”Principals could choose among 50 different, possible answers.These are the 5 replies mostly selected by the principals.The 98,45% replied:«I’m already cooperating with Commercial Agents and I would like to reinforce some areas».The 93,53% replied:«In the areas where I can count on some, particularly brilliant commercial agents, the turnover gets higher».The 91,93% replied:«I prefer to meet...Read more

Forum Agenti Verona 2016: 4,876 new sale opportunities for commercial agents and representative agencies

Visitors increased by 41% - 4,876 job interviews – Forum Agenti strengthens the cooperation with Enasarco and OAM – All numbers about Forum Agenti in detail – See you in the next edition in Milan
(Rome, May 2, 2016) – The ninth edition of Forum Agenti, the exhibition dedicated to the interviews for commercial agents, took place from the 28 to the 30 of April and ended successfully.In this second Verona edition, visitors (commercial agents, representative agencies and distributors) increased by 41%: more than two thousands sales professionals joined the exhibition looking for new firms to represent. For the organizers it is a very positive signal: Forum Agenti confirmed its first role in the Commercial Agents scenario.“What fires up our enthusiasm is not only the number of visitors but also the concrete business opportunities that Forum Agenti generates at every edition – says Davide Ricci, president and CEO of Agenti.IT and Agent321. The 211 exhibiting companies had 4,876 job interviews. A huge data if you think all this happened in the same location and during only three days.”The Foundation Enasarco, the authority for the Social...Read more

Forum Agenti Verona - 28/30 April 2016 at Veronafiere

The Commercial Agents: the real economy moving the market
250 Companies will be offering job opportunities in Forum Agenti Verona. Thousands of Commercial Agents from all market sectors are expected to join it. Each Company will dispose of its own “Job Interviews Space” to meet the Commercial Agents interested in new sales jobs.Commercial Agents, Sales Managers and Representatives play a key role in the economy. They are the real “Engine” of the market. Their professionalism must be valued and protected.A well-structured sales force or even one only efficient sales agent (a sale professional to be precise) can lead a company out of a crisis.Forum Agenti is the only Exhibition in the World entirely dedicated to the Search and the Recruitment of Commercial Agents. It deals with three days of Job Interviews between Commercial Agents who are looking for Companies and Principals that are looking for New Commercial Agents.In addition, Forum Agenti turns to be a refresher professional chance thanks...Read more

Forum Agenti Milan 2015: a day and 3.500 sq. m. more

The opening of the Exhibition has been put forward to Thursday and the Exhibition Space Square Meters increased by 28%
(Rome, sept. 25, 2015) – For the Milan Edition 2015, Forum Agenti – The Fair of Job Interviews for Commercial Agents – gest bigger and lasts longer.From 12.500 sq. m. of the last year, it goes up to 16.000 sq. m. increasing by 28%.Besides, the days of Exhibition increased too. Thanks to the experience gained from the past editions, Forum Agenti will open the doors on Thursday at 14:00.This new time schedule will allow Commercial Agents to have more time to join the Exhibition and to better plan the job interviews with the Companies they would like to represent.New Time Schedule of the Exhibition:Thursday, November 26 from 14:00 to 19:00Friday, November 27 from 09:00 to 19:00Saturday, November 28 from 09:00 to 14:00...Read more

2.332 Commercial Agents participated in Forum Agenti Verona (June 5-6, 2015)

The seventh edition of the Exhibition ended up – Verona: a new location for Forum Agenti – The fair proved to be the ideal place for meetings between Companies and Agents – Let’s meet again in November, at Fiera Milano City
(Rome, June 9, 2015) – Forum Agenti, the "multi-location" exhibition dedicated only to Job interviews for Commercial Agents, adds a new Italian city to its “roadshow”. After the exhibitions of Rome, Milan and Naples, Forum Agenti, come at its seventh edition, arrived to Verona for the first time on June 5 and 6, 2015.The format of the event, very business oriented, aims at connecting companies looking for agents with agents interested in being appointed by new principals. In the two-days exhibition, 149 principals (15 of which were international companies) meet 2.332 commercial agents. That is how Forum Agenti becomes the common ground where supply matches with demand.A positive business climate, a wide range of sales agents’ job offers, satisfaction and many brand new business partnerships: this is the final evaluation of the event from the Companies’ point of view. "Forum Agenti is not a traditional fair, whose success can be...Read more

Companies and Sales Agents together at the fair of «Forum Agenti»

Success for the second Milan edition – See you soon in Naples in March 2015
 The organisers of Forum Agenti accomplished their goal for this second Milan edition of the Fair of Agents’ Search that ended up this weekend. In the Pavilions of Fiera Milano City, there were 407 Exhibiting Companies looking for sales force and 7,536 Visitors among agents, representatives, salesmen, representative agency, sales manager.«We tripled the number of exhibiting companies compared with the first Milan edition of 2013 and increased the number of commercial agents – said Davide Ricci, President of Agent321. By now, Agents and Salesmen, old and new ones, know that this formula guarantees many direct job contacts, in one fell swoop. For us, it is a great success and we are proud to have created an event that, also in this edition, appeared to be concretely useful both to commercial agents both to exhibiting companies».A key moment of the Event was the presentation of the «Agent321Job» Index. For the first...Read more

New tools to foster the employment in the sales world

“Forum Agenti” opens in Fiera Milano City
(Milan, 24 November 2014) – The Economic Crisis does not spare the sales world and the data about the first semester of 2014 sign a decrease in employment that worries the 250 thousand Commercial Agents, Reps and Brokers working in Italy too.To ease the search of new sales jobs and the reallocation of the activities, a new tool was created. Thanks to the main websites and studies centres of agents’ search, each month the "Index Agent321" will be able to provide a clear picture of several data such as agency agreement proposals and real agents’ applications, filtered by market sector and geographical area. It will allow the agents looking for new job opportunities to know in which sector the job offer is higher and in which sectors agents’ applications are higher or lower, so to orienteer their search at best.The index will also be useful for all the stakeholders of...Read more

Forum Agenti presents its Fair of Commercial Agents even on Sky

A TV Spot to let commercial agents meet manufacturers
«Do you own a Company? Are you looking for Commercial Agents? Agenti.IT invites you to join in Forum Agenti Milan… where you find your commercial agents» that’s the claim of the TV campaign of Forum Agenti. After the debut on the Mediaset channels, it repeats the experience with a second marketing flight, this time on air on Sky. The 20 sec Spot is shown from Monday 21 September to Saturday 27 September and will appear on channel 100 Sky TG24.«In terms of numbers, Commercial Agents are a little niche of workers counting almost 260 thousand units in Italy» states Davide Ricci – President of Agent321.COM, the organizer of Forum Agenti that takes care of connecting thousand of Italian and foreign commercial agents with manufacturers worldwide, every day. «Despite the restrained number of Active Commercial Agents compared to the total amount of Italian workers – keep saying Davide Ricci – this...Read more

First time on TV for Forum Agenti, the Fair dedicated to Commercial Agents and Representatives

TV Spot shown from 24 August on Mediaset Channels
(Rome, 25 August 2014) – Agent321, the International Organization taking care of connecting companies with commercial agents worldwide, brings on TV its brand for the first time.The spot lasts 20 sec and goes on the air on the Mediaset Channels from the 24th to 30th August. It invites Companies looking for Agents to participate in the Milan edition of the Fair of Agents' Search, taking place at the end of November (Friday 28th and Saturday 29th).«The TV Spot – explains Davide Ricci, President of Agent321.COM – is just the final step of the advertising campaign started in 2013 with a radio campaign that’s permanent by now and goes on air on Radio24 every day. The radio campaign on radio24 is supported by the airplays on Radio1 and Radio2 and by the press campaign on the main national newspapers. We chose to realize a video after many years of radio experience,...Read more

Forum Agenti: 23.460 job interviews in four editions

The role of Enasarco during the Exhibition – Forum Agenti is getting ready for its big special edition this upcoming November in Milan
(Rome, 15 may 2014) – One year of Forum Agenti, the exhibition for the research of Commercial Agents, was just celebrated in Rome where the fourth edition ended in the past few days.In a year, Forum Agenti reached three cities and came twice to the Capital creating concrete job opportunities during every edition.“It is with great satisfaction that I talk about the numbers we registered - says Davide Ricci, President of Agent321.COM that organizes Forum Agenti – because numbers give us the idea of how many job opportunities Forum Agenti was able to make only in a year. Four editions gave to 14,117 commercial agents the chance to meet 391 companies and doing 23,460 job interviews. We are enthusiastic of this result”.This time, Forum Agenti Rome offered a wider range of services to its visitors, mainly thanks to the presence of the Enasarco Foundation. In fact, the foundation played an...Read more

“Forum Agenti” The Exhibition of the Commercial Agents opens the doors

B2B Interviews between principals and agents at Fiera di Roma - A convention by Enasarco about the social security for commercial agents – Workshops and refresher courses
(Rome, 7 May 2014) - The countdown to next Forum Agenti has started. The one-and-only exhibition focused on job interviews for commercial agents, representatives and brokers will take place at Pavillon 9 of “Nuova Fiera di Roma” Fair Center. Thousands of interviews will be held on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 may 2014.The participation is open to every commercial agent and to everyone, even with no experience at all, willing to choose a career in sales. The entrance is free of charge and it is possible to access the exhibition directly or downloading the free ticket on ForumAgenti.IT/EN website.Besides job interviews, several conventions, workshops and training courses will come along with the recruiting activity. The agenda lets the Forum be not only a time for concrete business opportunities but also a moment for drawing comparisons and acquiring up-to-date information.The General Director of the Enasarco Foundation Carlo Bravi will attend the...Read more

Agent321 launches Forum Agenti, the exhibition of Commercial Agents in Rome on 9th and 10th May

After the editions of Milan and Naples the Exhibition gets to the Capital City – A job opportunity for agents and representatives
The Pavilion 2 of the New Fair of Rome will welcome the exhibition of the commercial agents from 9th to 10th May 2014. The B2B fair provides direct meetings between companies and commercial agents, aiming to sign new employment contracts. The Roman edition comes after the ones of Milan and Naples that registered excellent results: 12.414 commercial agents met 334 principals. Besides, just like in every edition, the program of Forum Agenti foresees workshops, conferences, free consulting on tax, fiscal, contractual and social security aspects, refresher courses and much more.Data for the Italian Region of Lazio: Gross Amount of the Agents, Brokers and Sales Representatives of the Lazio Region: 19.777 units representing the 8% of the nationwide.Province Subdivision:Rome: 14.240 agents, brokers and sales representativesLatina: 1.970 agents, brokers and sales representativesFrosinone: 1.780 agents, brokers and sales representativesViterbo: 1.186 agents, brokers and sales representativesRieti: 594 agents, brokers and sales representatives“The key moment...Read more

Agent321 presents “Forum Agenti Mediterranean”: Coming soon in Naples, on 14 and 15 march 2014

(Rome, 3 February 2014) – Next Edition of Forum Agenti is going to take place at “Mostra D’Oltremare”, the Exhibition Center of Naples, on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 of March.
The “Exhibition of Commercial Agents” gets to Naples after the great success of the previous edition in Milan joined by 169 Principals (from Italy and Abroad) and 6.721 Commercial Agents (coming from all over Italy).Forum Agenti chose to set this edition in Naples because the city is a crucial intersection between the Center and the South of Italy. Moreover, it is an important market for Principals as much as Milan, if we consider the Number of Commercial Agents working in there. In fact, there are 17.000 Commercial Agents in Campania; 9.500 of them work in the Naples area. Actually, about 54.000 Agents work in the South of Italy. Here they are the numbers for each southern region: 1.350 agents in Basilicata; 5.700 agents in Calabria; 700 agents in Molise; 14.000 agents in Puglia; 15.000 agents in Sicilia (Data provided by the “Studies Centre of Agent321”).Companies and Agents are so fond...Read more

The Fair of the Commercial Agents in Milan ends successfully

The Fair of the Commercial Agents that happened at Fiera Milano ended today.
(Milan, 30 November 2013) – The Fair of the Commercial Agents that happened at Fiera Milano ended today. The Event gained a great success: there were 169 exhibiting companies for 6.721 agents and representatives who came to the Fair to meet them and make their job interviews. Furthermore, 411 Companies participated as visitors; 812 agents asked for legal, tax and social security free consulting; there were 19 planned activities like seminars, training courses, workshops and  8 programs broadcasted on air from the Forum by Radio 24, the Radio of the most famous Italian financial newspaper. “We are very proud of this first Forum in Milan – said Davide Ricci, the President of Agent321 that organized the Fair – The number of people who joined the Forum and its activities, and we are talking about real numbers, are well documented by the images you can see on our website. By the...Read more

Always more Commercial Agents are required in Italy while the external demand increases

The Commercial Agency Profession gathers up at its own Trade Fair “Forum Agenti” in Fiera Milano City
(Milan, 14 November 2013) – The 35% of the Job Opportunities coming from Companies concerns commercial agents and representatives: agents, public accountants, ICT technicians remain at the top of the most required professions in Italy.The number of the commercial agents working in Italy is stable: nonetheless the economic crisis affected this category too, they are about 240.000.The cessation of activities have been faced by the entry of the youngers looking for their first job and by the entry of those (aged 45/50) expelled from the world of work, respectively +4,6% and 7,2%, from September 2009 to September 2013. Besides, many companies have been changing part of their sales force from occupied into autonomous, in order to save on the work costs. Practically, Companies have been asking to his salesmen to become “cooperators” as independent commercial agents. An interesting perspective for Italian commercial agents is represented by the internationalization: the demand...Read more

“Forum Agenti” in Milan for the first time: the Fair dedicated to the Search of Commercial Agents and Representatives

B2B Meetings, workshops, seminars and consulting at Fiera Milano City, from 29 to 30 November 2013
Milan, 8 October 2013) – Forum Agenti is the only fair that is entirely dedicated to the recruitment and the selection of Commercial Agents. With its exclusive formula of immediate Job Interviews between Companies and Representatives, Forum Agenti lands in Milan for the first time on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November at Fiera Milano City (entrance Gate 14 and 15, via Gattamelata 5, for information: After the great success of the previous edition of Forum Agenti that took place at Fiera di Roma on May 2013, “Agent321 - International Bureau of Commercial Agents, Brokers & Distributors” (the International Organization leader, for many years, in the sector of the Search of Commercial Reps) decided to replicate the event in Milan. “In Milan we count on increasing exponentially the participation numbers we registered in Rome – said Davide Ricci, President of Agent321 – and to have about 300...Read more