How much it costs to participate in Forum Agenti Virtual Europe

Virtual Stand
3 Options
The Virtual Stand Formula includes:
Customized Virtual Stand
Company Logo Set Up
Agents Research and Selection
Your announcement on RadioAgenti.IT
Stand even on Facebook page
Editorial Consultancy
Promotional Newsletter
Sectoral Notifications
Single Agent Invitation
Editorial Communications
Price 01 European Country 1.500,00 € + VAT
Price 02 European Countries 2.000,00 € + VAT
Price 03 European Countries 2.300,00 € + VAT

Included Services
Customized Virtual Stand Agents Research and Selection
Virtual Stand configuration and customization. You will be followed by our Editorial Board and by our Graphic Office so that it reflects exactly everything you would have brought in a real stand: Company Logo, Market Sector, Sampling of Products, Video Presentation, etc.. Realization e publication of your "Agent Research". A text that represents you and able to select and stimulate the Agents with a high level of professionality and with customers that reflect your ideal "Sales Agents". And this with the purpose to obtain the best Job Video Interviews.
Your announcement on RadioAgenti.IT Stand even on Facebook page
Realization of an Advertising Spot with the main details of your Agents Research. Realization of your Personal Message on RadioAgenti.IT, the Sales Agents Radio. If the Company wishes, the Customized Virtual Stand will be inserted e publicized even on the facebook Pages dedicated to the Sales Agents. This kind of service is free, but it needs to be moderated by a Company Manager.
Notifications & Newsletter
Your Research, as well as individually, with single announcements, will be inserted in our Newsletter dedicated to Sales Agents. Moreover notifications and communications dedicated to the Market Sectors and to the Zones where your Research is referred to, will be activated. The receivers will be selected by our database with more than 290.000 commercial figures.