The full list of Participating Companies will be published Monday 30 September 2019 ( 71 days before the exhibition).

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The list with all participating companies will be published once the registration date expires.

Companies that joined the previous exhibition of Forum Agenti Marche
André Media Italia S.r.l.Axpo Italia S.p.ABe Packaging S.r.l.Colorificio Arco S.p.A.Cometa Distribuzione S.r.l.Creditreform Italia S.r.l.Dynergy S.r.l.Emcavi S.r.l.Euromotiva S.r.l.Gema Group S.r.l.Global Services S.r.l.Hera Comm S.r.l.HS Finance S.r.l.Le Delizie del Grano di Lopedota DonatangeloLiquiplast S.r.l.Motorsistem S.r.l.Novasol ASPlastore S.r.l.Profima S.r.l.Progetto Packing S.r.l.Smart Home Italia S.r.l.Soundreef S.p.A.Trodat Italia S.r.l.